Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vision, Knowledge, Wisdom

Entry #4- 12/29/09:Vision- how do we interpret the world around us? Are we utilizing languages, pictures, numbers, the mental images other people conveyed to us in some thoughtful manner.  I’ve recently been considering the “established context” of our lives that we bring to the table in our day to day interactions.  How we arrive at conclusions, interpret situations or people’s behavior has so much dependency on how we have worked so diligently to wire ourselves over time.
It brings to thought the notion of a quote from my 8th grade physics class about objects in motion tending to stay in motion.  Our minds gravitate in a direction or pattern to form opinions and shape attitudes which later may hold us or those around us hostage to their binding notions.  Such a concept is not too far from the excuses that so many of us (including myself) in the world use to justify our bad decisions and behaviors as if we could absolve ourselves of responsibility before others and before God. Perhaps it is revealed more succinctly through our culture and heritage; in my observations of the older generations whose footpaths have made it easier for the continuation of the status quo. 
Bearing this in mind,  we find it convenient to blame the current behavior deficits of ourselves and society on those who have gone before us and yet absorb all the tokens and accolades of things gone well. 
It is amazing that a change of mind or heart to develop a conviction that counters the norm is even possible….The sovereignty of God and his incredible ability to change my heart and my path, to give me a new mindset from a former worldview is nothing short of a miracle. (“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. " Romans 12:2)- hmmmmmmm

As I stare at a new year coming upon us, I consider what “resolutions” could I embark upon…the gaining of knowledge and wisdom seems  just abstract enough to be tangible.  Laughing at my own words here, I’m looking forward to reading a new book recommended by another author about the perceptions we carry in our lives and how they are seen being revealed in worldly affairs, international relations..…the ideas, attitudes, and legitimacy of how countries perceive themselves; at least that is what I think it is about…we shall see.  I’ll let you know what I discover.If I don’t catch up with everyone until the New Year, Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Telling it like it is....or should be.

While many of us are often rehearsing in our minds the thoughts and interpretations of the world around us, a few people have an amazing gift to thoughtfully observe, reflect, and evaluate the life around them and visualize it through a biblical eye.  In a world where the element of compromise, the plague of sin, and the feeding of our own pride pervades our everyday, it is difficult to speak out in a Christ-like way.   This past week I was moved by one of my favorite theologians who writes in his own blog- his thoughtful observance of the contamination of the world and feeding of fleshly lusts that attempt to distract the church, and the world from biblical truth....even from within.
John MacArthur possesses the gift that I so obviously lack.  For me, it is difficult to open my mouth without ruffling many feathers....sometimes that has to be done regardless, but Mr. MacArthur, skillfully calls it like it is and for that reason ( and among others), he is an appreciated gift to my own spiritual walk....Read about his blog entry here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

On Call....

The definition of perpetual availability as summoned, set to a predetermined time frame of which primary responsibility is transferred.  It is is an interesting state of affairs to take call in medicine and surgery.  It is humbling to think of the role that I have been given, of the responsibility and ability to make decisions that change lives.  I cherish the opportunity in thought and pray that I never loathe it in practice.
Last night was a doozy.  Strange and evil things can happen at night when the hospital hallways are quiet and empty; the monitors, ventilators, and pagers beep incessantly. A constant state of vigilance demands my attention.  Each action has an effect and a side effect. Decisions are weighed carefully, never in a vacuum as the clock ticks closer to the morning hours.  Eventually the sun rises, my prayers have been answered, the cardiac output has been maintained and  I drift off into the slumber of a stale smelling mattress waiting for the next page.  Yes, it  is an awesome experience..the context of which maintains a presence as I return to life outside the concrete walls of the hospital. The sun beats down on my face as I walk to the car thinking about the last night and the duties of the next day.  I can't wait to be home, to see my wife and her smile, to hug my kids.....and to sleep. Thank you Lord for yet another day done

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Of Noble Purpose....

If you want to know about Pearce....just ask his wife...

Of Noble Purpose~  
It made sense as I considered the start of this blog journey to introduce myself and make known my background, history, and experiences as it may provide a context for the future.  In pursuing this effort, It seems the best and reasonable goal would be to introduce my wife, Heather Lebel Beissinger as no other person so faithfully loves, supports, and champions my life and it’s endeavors. She is indeed of noble purpose and a great prize and reward to be held.  She agreed to a life with me June 13, 2001 shortly after we finished graduate school and had been dating for an entire 2 weeks.  Our foundation in Christ and trust in the sovereign will and grace of our holy Father provided an amazing  confidence to move forward.  Our adventures together have taken us to the midwest ( Peoria, IL) where we learned the true meaning of flat, that caterpillars don’t always have legs- they sometimes rumble along on skids, and church and bowling are the only 2 necessary elements of life.....
Moving back east, we trekked to the homeland of New England and setup shop at Dartmouth building a home, making babies and enjoying the blessings of life that God has given us.  Climbing mountains, scrubbing floors or being up all night with sick patients, my wife continues to encourage me in overcoming each leg of a journey. Her gentle love strongly steers me to overcome and conquer the demands of life.  Despite my resistance and pride, she is amazingly  patient with me to accomplish our mutual goal of glorifying God.  Why would I make my first real entry on a personal blog to talk about someone else, to talk about my wife....well, I guess you could throw out a lot of reasons...like behind every good man is an awesome woman or however that phrase goes....that would imply that I am good and not wanting to make implications, I can only say that I have seen God do amazing things in my life since I began my walk with him over 10 years ago.  The richness of knowing him, having hope in His character, His plans, His will...and seeing Him actively work in my heart to make me like Him despite my best efforts has been greatly assisted by his provision of a fantastic wife  My blog is about my life...about me, Pearce.....I guess I can say I could not escape the idea of beginning this endeavor without first assigning some credit to Heather.  In the absence of her, there would be far less to blog, far less to account for, recognize, ponder, grow...she is my number one fan, and I am hers...
She is and has always been of noble purpose. I thank God for her as she is worth far more than the short sighted words of my blog could ever describe...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Day #1......a new beginning

Entry #1- 12/7/09- Wow, this is an exciting moment in blogging history, the start of a new blog, a journal, a photo essay….an experience.  I start this adventure with many questions in mind. Considering the business of life, I wonder of my faithfulness to this effort.  Perhaps, a knowledge that someone else is reading will prompt more diligence…but considering the omniscience of our Lord, isn’t someone always reading?...., always watching, guiding, holding our hand as we make this journey. So, in consideration of this truth, I boldly step up to the plate hoping that these utterances of thought are more than a word salad of fruitless effort.  My hope and goal is to share the growth from raw emotions interpreted through the window of Scripture, to explore other leaders in the faith who are faithfully delivering God’s word to grow his church, to review such books with the similar purpose, to record in a journalistic way the memorable moments of life.. so that in the words of that crazy transcendentalist- Thoreau…”not when I come to die, discover that I had not lived…”
I thought about not starting this journey today.  I’m in the middle of a call duty and have 24 hours to go.  It is a long race, but such is the element of life and why not start in a matter consistent with my journeys.  As “call” comes frequently and I want to perform this frequently, it seems right to press on in these efforts amidst the fatigue. Perhaps the ambiguity or fog of insomnia will produce more fruit...  There is a brutal honesty that comes about in the middle of a long arduous journey for there is no time for the fluff. I’m reminded in this process of a scene from Lord of the Rings when Bilbo looks to his young nephew Frodo and declares a position that I imagine holds true with any adventure, the toughest step is the first one, when you set one foot out the door…and so I begin…
            Through the enablement of his Holy Spirit working, with the knowledge of His Scripture guiding, and with the hope of His Promise lifting, may this blog and my dedication to it glorify God.