Monday, December 7, 2009

Day #1......a new beginning

Entry #1- 12/7/09- Wow, this is an exciting moment in blogging history, the start of a new blog, a journal, a photo essay….an experience.  I start this adventure with many questions in mind. Considering the business of life, I wonder of my faithfulness to this effort.  Perhaps, a knowledge that someone else is reading will prompt more diligence…but considering the omniscience of our Lord, isn’t someone always reading?...., always watching, guiding, holding our hand as we make this journey. So, in consideration of this truth, I boldly step up to the plate hoping that these utterances of thought are more than a word salad of fruitless effort.  My hope and goal is to share the growth from raw emotions interpreted through the window of Scripture, to explore other leaders in the faith who are faithfully delivering God’s word to grow his church, to review such books with the similar purpose, to record in a journalistic way the memorable moments of life.. so that in the words of that crazy transcendentalist- Thoreau…”not when I come to die, discover that I had not lived…”
I thought about not starting this journey today.  I’m in the middle of a call duty and have 24 hours to go.  It is a long race, but such is the element of life and why not start in a matter consistent with my journeys.  As “call” comes frequently and I want to perform this frequently, it seems right to press on in these efforts amidst the fatigue. Perhaps the ambiguity or fog of insomnia will produce more fruit...  There is a brutal honesty that comes about in the middle of a long arduous journey for there is no time for the fluff. I’m reminded in this process of a scene from Lord of the Rings when Bilbo looks to his young nephew Frodo and declares a position that I imagine holds true with any adventure, the toughest step is the first one, when you set one foot out the door…and so I begin…
            Through the enablement of his Holy Spirit working, with the knowledge of His Scripture guiding, and with the hope of His Promise lifting, may this blog and my dedication to it glorify God.

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