Sunday, December 20, 2009

Telling it like it is....or should be.

While many of us are often rehearsing in our minds the thoughts and interpretations of the world around us, a few people have an amazing gift to thoughtfully observe, reflect, and evaluate the life around them and visualize it through a biblical eye.  In a world where the element of compromise, the plague of sin, and the feeding of our own pride pervades our everyday, it is difficult to speak out in a Christ-like way.   This past week I was moved by one of my favorite theologians who writes in his own blog- his thoughtful observance of the contamination of the world and feeding of fleshly lusts that attempt to distract the church, and the world from biblical truth....even from within.
John MacArthur possesses the gift that I so obviously lack.  For me, it is difficult to open my mouth without ruffling many feathers....sometimes that has to be done regardless, but Mr. MacArthur, skillfully calls it like it is and for that reason ( and among others), he is an appreciated gift to my own spiritual walk....Read about his blog entry here.

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