Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vision, Knowledge, Wisdom

Entry #4- 12/29/09:Vision- how do we interpret the world around us? Are we utilizing languages, pictures, numbers, the mental images other people conveyed to us in some thoughtful manner.  I’ve recently been considering the “established context” of our lives that we bring to the table in our day to day interactions.  How we arrive at conclusions, interpret situations or people’s behavior has so much dependency on how we have worked so diligently to wire ourselves over time.
It brings to thought the notion of a quote from my 8th grade physics class about objects in motion tending to stay in motion.  Our minds gravitate in a direction or pattern to form opinions and shape attitudes which later may hold us or those around us hostage to their binding notions.  Such a concept is not too far from the excuses that so many of us (including myself) in the world use to justify our bad decisions and behaviors as if we could absolve ourselves of responsibility before others and before God. Perhaps it is revealed more succinctly through our culture and heritage; in my observations of the older generations whose footpaths have made it easier for the continuation of the status quo. 
Bearing this in mind,  we find it convenient to blame the current behavior deficits of ourselves and society on those who have gone before us and yet absorb all the tokens and accolades of things gone well. 
It is amazing that a change of mind or heart to develop a conviction that counters the norm is even possible….The sovereignty of God and his incredible ability to change my heart and my path, to give me a new mindset from a former worldview is nothing short of a miracle. (“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. " Romans 12:2)- hmmmmmmm

As I stare at a new year coming upon us, I consider what “resolutions” could I embark upon…the gaining of knowledge and wisdom seems  just abstract enough to be tangible.  Laughing at my own words here, I’m looking forward to reading a new book recommended by another author about the perceptions we carry in our lives and how they are seen being revealed in worldly affairs, international relations..…the ideas, attitudes, and legitimacy of how countries perceive themselves; at least that is what I think it is about…we shall see.  I’ll let you know what I discover.If I don’t catch up with everyone until the New Year, Happy New Year everyone!

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