Friday, January 7, 2011

Sovereignty........a few thoughts

I continue to be blown away about how big, amazing, capable, supreme, completely awesome our God is....So much of our lives are spent shrinking our image and perception of Him into something that will fit into our pockets; like a genie to pull out on a rainy day...or how so many of us(myself included) spend our lives talking  about and subjectively interpreting the occasions of our lives with conversations of "open and closed doors" not considering his input through the Word.  We then go about assigning God's will to situations in order to effect our decision making processes. We often insert our input in situations with benevolent or even malicious intents. It's not that I'm upset or frustrated about these mortal shortcomings, not right this moment anyways...(I grieve over my sins and turn away towards Him as he redirects me.)...More so, I'm just impressed and run over with joy that God is bigger than our little minds often try to make him...Charles Spurgeon emulated these words amazingly well...I'll end on his thoughts that prompted me to think once again about these issues today. 

"The devil blows the fire and melts the iron, and then the Lord fashions it for his own purposes. Let men and devils rage as they may, they cannot do otherwise than subserve the divine purposes."                            - C. H. Spurgeon

If you have a moment and are so moved, join with me to thank God for how amazing He is, that we can put our infinite hope and trust in His purposes through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.   To Him be the glory...