Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Mustache March

The Mustache March- A few days ago, towards the beginning of the month- I made the decision to do something a little different.  Im stepping out in a new way to be effective for God....Some of you may have heard of mustache march...a month for men to grow out their mustaches to epic proportions. While some may answer the peculiar queries of those who gaze in wonder at our facial hair with a simple yet concise reason that resembles Mr Mallory’s account for climbing Everest...Because it is there,...because hair is there...!
On a more serious note, my sister (Lauren) and her awesome husband Ryan recently lost a friend who celebrated this month of the year. He was a man not afraid to step out and speak his word (you can check him out on Facebook- Christopher Beauvais)
...and thus, in honor of him and....for the Glory of God, the month of March has a new purpose for me. I have been involved prayerfully with a ministry dear to my heart called- “Climbing for Christ”.  My wife and I have supported their ministry as meeting people in high places has been an effective place for God to be revealed in my life. 
Indeed He continues to take me above the tree line for awesome growth and challenges to the direction of my heart.  This month( March), I’m growing the stache; for every day my wife tolerates the prickle of hair, I will be putting $5 away for Climbers for Christ....earmarked for a special ministry. Deep in the mountains of Nepal is a group of Christians who I have never met and who are involved with an awesome ministry of the Lord to reach the lost and share the love of Christ with them.  I so wish that I could go and directly be a part of that project, but for now- God has me, as I am able..
I will send what resources He has given me, above and beyond this month, so that the people of Nepal will be able to worship and know the God of creation who loved them enough to send His Son to be their risen Savior and King....will you join me? will you pray for these people as they assemble the final bricks and roof of their hillside church? Will you grow out your mustache with me? Will you support this project financially? They need a total of $450 remainder to finish the building project.  You can check out their ministry and others at . You can make payments directly to C4C or email me for more information....