Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Oregon ManDate

Nope, this is not some special legislative motion from Oregon, just a couple old friends blessed with the opportunity to get together for some hang time and climbing.  My 2 tent mates from Denali ( Kristian and Will) as well as another teammate- Craig decided we would all descend on Will's place in Corvallis Oregon.  Our hopeful endeavor was to climb Mount Hood...The Lord had different plans for that idea, but we had a grand time seeing the sights of the Oregon Coast (Devil's Cauldron), climbing(hiking) the Columbia River Gorge, and seeing some absolutely spectacular water falls...not to mention some great food and conversation. Thanks alot guys for the great time and company.  Hopefully, Lord willing, we will try and get up Hood next year. Here is a link to some more pics from the trip! Below is a link to other pics from our trip. 

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