Monday, September 26, 2011

Early Morning Considerations....

Early Morning Considerations....
I have been a morning person as long as I can remember. It is an exciting opportunity to wake each morning, to become aware of that first breath that greets the new day.....often, it is not a fresh fact, sometimes, it is downright raunchy, or dissapointing, or at worst- plaqued by the heartache of the previous day.

Many of us are drawn to prayer. It is how we live our life, how we are carried from moment to moment by the Creator, Lover, and Redeemer of our souls.  Do you know how folks often comment about knowing or hearing from the "friend of a friend" who said "such and such" about "this or that"....well, recently- A friend of a friend penned these thoughts about his morning with the Lord and it so vividly captured my own thoughts, I felt moved to share. The prospect of a new day is such a consideration indeed, especially when spent in the knowledge and comfort of our Lord. Hear these words first from the psalmist.

In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; 
in the morning I lay my requests before you 
and wait in expectation.
(Psalm 5:3)

 The Lord, our God, is ever-present and ever-knowing of the most intimate needs of our  lives.  He, alone, is willing and capable to redeem us to Himself and in Him is peace like no other. The psalmist writing in chapter 5 had the full confidence of this relationship. His trust was secure and he "waited in expectation"...I have to wonder what that looked like in the business of the morning routine.  It seems that it is a position of the heart, more than the physical body- to be waiting.  As I think about the morning routine, of running around after kids, sneaking in a work-out, or contemplating what surgery I'll be participating in when I arrive to the hospital....I struggle to conceptualize the waiting part. 

Most people who know me would comment at this point in my lack of patience. I like to refer to it as being "patient- challenged."  Not sure how to further explain the deficit except that- I'm working on it....I don't see myself as a busy-body, but more so as a man-on-a-mission...
So, as I consider my day in the Lord and the blessings and challenges that lie ahead; I move forward in ready-awareness of God's sovereign hand moving. Acting in anticipation of Him, with what humility I can muster....and so here, my friend of a friend comments about what I see to be my similar morning mantra of moving forward and waiting for God at the same time...

"Walking is a good way to wait. It is waiting in motion. The psalmist calls it “waiting in expectation.” It is not just a passive resignation to whatever will be, but a hopeful patience that is poised for grace. Poised but not frozen. Still in faith but still faith moving forward. Peace on a pilgrimage.

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