Friday, February 3, 2012

Progressing in Portland

 Hello Family and Friends, Thanks for checking our blogs and following life along with us.  These past few weeks have been really amazing to watch what God has been doing in our lives.  One of the obvious changes can be seen in the attached pictures...but there is so much more... For a full slide show, go to this LINK ....but as you look at the attached pictures here... keep reading on for other great news.
  The kids are both doing great and enjoying their time at Portland Christian School. In addition to her scholastics, our daughter also has an upcoming art project for the school Art Show which should prove to be an adventure.

The winter has been surprisingly mild in Portland and the kids have enjoyed several trips to the parks as well as a new year-long pass to the Portland Children's Museum
Pearce's schedule as ramped up a bit as he started taking call one month early which so far has been surprisingly well tolerated given the acuity of the job.  He's looking forward to SuperBowl Sunday with our daughter who is a big Brady and Welker- Patriots fan.  Also on the docket of activity is a proposed  single day attempt on Mt Hood this winter.
Heather has been enjoying her time at home and has worked really hard to help nail down the logistics of life in Portland.  It is amazing how many little connections you make once you have lived in a place for a while.  Finding a dentist, a favorite grocery store, and daily trips to watch over the new home construction...and if that wasnt enough, it looks like she will have an exciting shift in her career soon to transition to a part time Orthopedic PA position.

 This weekend, in addition to Super Bowl Sunday, we also have the opportunity to meet some of the folks at Hinson Baptist Church in Portland  We will be attending the new member class to hopefully finalize a new church home for our family.

Back in Virginia, we have some folks coming to look at our house for sale on Saturday.  Praying it sells soon!  If you know anyone looking for a house in Harrisonburg,VA, send them to  LINK

Hope you enjoyed the update and the pictures. Check back often for more news. Have a blessed weekend!
Love, Pearce, Heather, and the little folks

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