Saturday, June 9, 2012

Feet- reflecting on the tools God gave me to go places.

As I begin to pen down these thoughts, my mind quickly turns to that great and noble literary giant, my good friend and bed time encourager to my children- Dr. Seuss:
left foot, left foot, right foot, right
Feet in the morning Feet at night
Left foot Left foot Left foot right
Wet foot dry foot
Low foot high foot
Front feet back feet
Red feet black feet
Left foot Right foot Feet Feet Feet
How many, many feet you meet.
Slow feet Quick feet
Trick feet sick feet
Up feet Down feet
Here come clown feet
Small feet Big feet
Here come pig feet
His feet Her feet
Fuzzy fur feet
In the house, and on the street,
how many, many feet you meet
....and so on and so on.... this and the other great literary work entitled “ Oh the places you’ll go” have etched into my memory or at the very least been recalled when I recite them to the children at night.  Never, when I was hearing them as a young lad, did I consider the implications and lifetime metaphors associated with this wonderful piece of anatomy. Having previously worked in hand surgery, I often considered the foot- just a dumb hand, a wannabe..., but perhaps in my scoffing, I did not give the credit due.  At this point in my life, a mere 35 years of age; I’ve only begin to put on some mileage...not even enough for a tire rotation; my tread is just getting broken in.
So far, I have yet to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes as I’ve been too busy wearing my own....those things are changing with new roles and goals since my recent move to the west coast. 
My God, in His mercy, has been easy on my tenderfoot-providing great support and traction to get this stubborn heart of a man off the ground and running, but I am catching glimpses of the pursuit, the goal, the summit, the ultimate prize and crown that awaits.  The encouragement of Christ in my heart and his trodden path before me have paved the way.  Of recent times, I’ve been meeting men in the mountains, bringing  and sharing the gospel to their hearts.  I supposed that the mountains have often provided a place for these things to occur, but in considering my own usefulness to the Kingdom, I am reminded by the cheesiness of a roadside church sign that hit close to home and somewhat knocked me off my feet; or at least as a small pebble in my shoe...causing me to think-  It read: “ The mountains are for awe and inspiration, but it is in the valleys that fruit is made.”  What a thought! not mine originally....but I will claim it nonetheless, especially in consideration of my own walk, my pursuits.  I’ve been moved to meet people more where they are in life....perhaps exchange my hiking boots for their flip-flops and “do life” with mutually build each other up in the Word.  Sometimes shoe horns, shoe polish, laces, and some crazy glue are necessary, but I am encouraged by the walking of life together, sharing the same path as we grow closer in the Lord.
There is an older woman in my local church who has the same vision I think...I’m  not fit to wear her isotoner slippers, but she is an amazing gift of God to those around her- reaching out across generations and the whole city map to build up the local church for God’s glory. 
As I look at my own walk, I’ll still head to the mountains and Lord willing drag some poor souls up the heights with me, that together our hearts will be stirred by the awesome glory of our Lord. When I consider the 24th psalm and “who can ascend the hill of the Lord”, but only He who has clean hands and a pure heart; my hope is that these walks will bear fruit for the Kingdom...even if they are not in a valley and that such times will enable and empower our living, working, and encouraging each other when those valleys come....and they will indeed come
This diatribe and metaphor of shoes is nearly exhausted, but it would not be accurate to say that its implications are complete. Indeed, I am drawn now to the mission field and soon, Lord willing, will share the walk with others afar(Nepal).  I am drawn to Paul’s letter to the Romans in chapter 10:15 where he was quoting the prophet Isaiah in 52:7- 
“How beautiful upon the mountains
are the feet of him who brings good news,
who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness,
who publishes salvation,
who says to Zion, “Your God reigns””.

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