Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jaimashi (jay-ma-see)....

Jaimashi- victory in Jesus.... (NEPALI)
    My goodness- life can get busy; the comings and goings of daily business pigeon- holing our minds to the tediousness of duties and the smallness of our own little circles.  Praise God that he is BIG, that he is SOVEREIGN and that the world is not waiting on my efforts or attention to keep on spinning. I am in awe at his splendour and love.
 Right now, as I write down these thoughts, my heart is stirring of my journey so far...where God has taken me, how He has grown me, who and what He has shown me, and the tender mercy He has given to sustain me...  
Right now as I write down these thoughts, a man is tilling his field on the cold side of a hill in Nepal and like many here in the states toiling this earth- he is wondering.  He is wondering just as I did...Is this it?  Is this my fulfillment? What is to come of me? Why am I here?  
Right now, a little girl is watching her parents labor for her to eat as they cook over a single burner stove and gas can with no lights, no table, and no floor. They squat without hope..
I wonder if they are complaining as myself and Americans do...is there an equivalent attitude of discontent like we have in America- always striving for something that we cannot obtain, fix, or make.  Fighting in our hearts to fill a void of hope that longs for eternal perspective. What peace do they know?
John Piper once wrote “If you don't feel strong desires for the manifestation of the glory of God, it is not because you have drunk deeply and are satisfied. It is because you have nibbled so long at the table of the world. Your soul is stuffed with small things, and there is no room for the great.” 

 Only my Lord knows their hearts, but I hope too....He has laid on me the burden in my heart to come alongside and share life with a people I have not met, not seen, and not known.  The God of Creation, The Father who knows me and knit me into who I am- knows them and he is bringing us together soon.

In just a few days, my pigeon hole is about about to be blown open.  Namaste Nepal...I am coming to you with glad tidings of joy. Just a few years ago, my wife and I began a small partnership with "Climbing for Christ"- a missions organization to help the gospel go forward in hard to reach places...sometimes, very hard to reach places... Churches have been built and the Kingdom has grown.  There is hope in the land and fields are being planted for the harvest....there are still fields yet unsewn and I go now to see what is my part.
I never considered myself a "goer", but rather a "sender" and yet here I am on the brink of this journey, recounting where God has taken me, and what is the next step of this adventure called life...Living to glorify Him, I struggle to fight myself away from the grips of sin, the entanglements and false promises of this world and to live for a greater purpose- that my hope and salvation would be evident to those He has called and my life would be useful for His namesake.  I am just a man, a father of two beautiful children who I hope would love the Lord, and a husband to a wonderful wife who shares with me in the ministry of life.
The phrase Jaimashi means Victory in Jesus and in it,  I'm reminded that our work is not our own, our fight is not our own. We are not alone in this life. The battle for hope has been won and is in Jesus Christ.  It is His Victory and for His glory that I submit my adventure of life.   I go now to the far west mountains of Nepal.  
Perhaps I will deliver some trailside medicine, wash the feet of a tired porter, or bring gifts to children of an orphanage...but mostly I go-to share in the spreading of the Gospel to those who would receive it...stay tuned for updates, prayers, a trip report and other God glorifying News of Nepal.  Here is a link to the mission. Thank you to those who have partnered with us in prayer and support....especially to Christ Community Church in Plainfield, NH, to Hinson Memorial Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon, to Keene Crossway Church in Keene, NH, and Aletheia Church in Harrisonburg, VA...to my friends, my children...and especially to my wife who goes with me in heart and service.  
Here is a link to My missionary profile .
Here is a video link of the upcoming trip