Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In Transit

So here I am 20+ hours into my travel and smelling pretty ripe. I'm right now in Guangzhou airport waiting for a 14 hour lay over to finish up before the last stretch to Kathmandu.  

So far, I've had a long conversation with a Chinese atheist woman on the plane who wondered what made me different being a "Utah church" man...she apparently thought I was Mormon... We talked about the gospel in our broken Chinese and English and went through the matthias media "2ways to live" cartoon on my ipad...she thought it was interesting and then asked me about "Big Bang" theories which is apparently pretty popular in China...I slept for a bit, prayed, and ate some mystery meat on the plane, being thankful for the provisions.  Now on the ground- I'm back in the same airport where I had visa problems a year ago during a trip to Vietnam...not getting deported today and everything seems to be in order.  I was so blessed to meet Mark Walter, a bivocational pastor who is traveling to Indonesia to meet in person his "sayangku" aka girlfriend...we had a very encouraging cup of coffee....and it seemed that God knew we both needed a brotherly friend to pass the time...the day was spent talking about the mission, our mutual ministries back home, testimonies, challenges of life and blessings of The Lord... To help each other stay awake, we would just read from Paul's epistles out loud... Too bad, no one around us could speak English- but our hearts were encouraged.  God is good.....

More to come- I'm almost there, please keep praying....


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