Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A new race...

Well, I can't believe how long it has been. Years since a post! Im not sure if that is due to the "busy-ness" of life or my own laziness. Social media certainly has taken a hit into my blogging as a quickshot glimpse of "the Beis Life". In any case, it certainly has not been for lack of events and seeing the hand of God at work in amazing ways.
In the past few years,  God has brought me back to Nepal a few more times opening doors and hearts for His Gospel. Back home, my wife and I (living in Portland, OR) been plugging away at life in the local church as we labor to see the fruit of fellowship at Sellwood Baptist Church. There, along with others, we have been blessed by the revitalization of this local body of believers. It has been a wonderful environment to raise our children and grow as God's people together.
Amongst these blessings, life has not been without challenges and difficulties. We thought living on the west coast would be a hardship in making visits with our east coast family. The reality of the move 5 years ago, while more expensive and logistically challenging, has essentially not changed how much we or others make efforts to visit. We always wish for more, but have developed quite a "local family" here in Portland. In addition to our church family,  our relationships have grown in work, neighbors, the mountain rescue team,  school classmates, soccer families, and even a bike racing team ( A picture of me bike racing is below). Here, we continue to run the race God has set before us- doing our best to honor Him in all circumstances, and yet celebrating His grace and mercy daily as we fall drastically short.  I hope to be more diligent in blogging and have a renewed sense to commit to this project. From helping a fellow bike teammate with his hip fracture during a race, or finishing a great mountain medical text, there has been much to say. To God be the glory in all of it.
 Highlights in our life these days, each worthy of a tale or two include:
Sellwood Baptist Church- http://www.sellwoodbaptistchurch.org/
Portland Christian School- http://www.pcschools.org/
Vertical Medicine Resources- http://www.vertical-medicine.com/
Portland Mountain Rescue- http://pmru.org/
Team Oregon Bike Team- http://www.teamoregon.org/