Thursday, February 1, 2018

A term(/tərm/)- one word to say it all, one word possessing definition from which clarity and insight describe meaning. A unit of time by which an event, series of events, or role is to be executed marked by a beginning and end.

In one particular situation, a “term” is the term of a specific time, a unit of measure by which an interval is defined. Such is the situation presented here as I reflect on my two years as the president of Portland Mountain Rescue. It has been a unique experience by which God has caused me to grow much like a young plant stretching for the sun- to stretch high enough to gain a view of the surrounds and yet still have enough energy remaining for which to lay fruit; still holding onto roots where I remain true to my identity and to true to the Rescuer of my life.
  In this case, I sought out to leave the team better than I found it and more capable to accomplish the mission lying before it. Im not convinced that there is an exact “right” person for the right job, but rather God purposes us each to our days and the roles we play. Perhaps, I was the right one for this season of PMR. Certainly, many more capable and greater men than myself have occupied the office. It was not my vision to sit in that seat but sensing that the vacancy would lend the opportunity both to will and work for His pleasure and glory-I made it my own…for a term. 

Counting the cost and hoping it would not be more than I could bear, hoping that it would not tear down- but build up, hoping beyond hope that I could make a difference, I J.Pearce Beissinger became president of PMR. Having inherited a season of internal derangement and discord which years later will likely be written off as the normal course of business, I was slightly daunted that I would not be able to negotiate the softer needs of the team. Like many organizations, growth and success do not come without their own burdens. The internal dialogues and purpose driven motives of a mission so often can run over the very people who seek to work alongside you.

The mission of mountain rescue and safety education does not begin to tell the greatness of this amazing team. Now looking back, I am humbled to have held the office and humbled to think that I was going to do it alone. If not for the great encouragement of my wife and family and of those outstanding members in PMR who actively sought its future success, I would be an empty fool having accomplished nothing. My friends of the Board and of various committees making the wheel hub roll smoothly carried me as I sought to serve them. In synchrony, we dutifully executed the mission together. Looking to the horizon and identifying new goals, new vision, new strategy, Im encouraged that the mission will continue forward. Passing the baton couldn’t have happened at a better time, nor to a better man. 
For me, there are many more mountains to climb. Im encouraged to serve the future of PMR while looking to the momentous and greater summit of investing in my wife and family, to see my children pursue adventures of their own and to help them when the climbing is rough, even offer a belay… Lastly, but not in the least- my heart is drawn to an even greater climb. My mind drifts to Psalm 24: 3-6 “Who shall ascent the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false and does not swear deceitfully. He will receive blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation.” 

Investing in the one who has poured himself out for me, I boldly approach the throne of His grace not from any work that I have done but because of his great love, and the sacrifice on the Cross, that I may live for His glory and enjoy Him as he carries me up the hill.